Distracted driving

How many times do you see the person in the car beside you talking on the phone or trying to send a text message? With the number of electronic devices around us today people have a hard time putting them down. This creates a huge risk to not just yourself but everyone else around you.

Most of you right now are probably thinking "I know it's dangerous, everyone does." Now how  many of you still talk on the phone while driving. In most places there has been a law put into place banning the use of electronic devices while driving this includes cell phones, MP3 players, GPS etc. 

The thing I don't get is why don't people stop. You could kill someone, and now even worse you could get a ticket, which costs money! Some people still take the chance. Next time you want to reach for your phone while driving just think about this: how important is the call your getting. My guess is not important enough to risk those things I mentioned above.

Ford's sync allows text messages to
be sent by voice. 
In order to get by these cars have implemented bluetooth technologies that allow you to talk handsfree. However studies have show that this only slightly reduces distractions because it's not the actual device that distracts you but rather the discussion. Therefore these technologies only help to a certain extent. While they do solve the problem of text messaging (some systems will text for you) they don't get rid of distractions altogether. Perhaps this isn't the way of doing it then.

I think people fail to realize that everyone got by for years without even having cell phones let alone using them in the car. So what's changed over the last ten years that we need to do it now? Whatever it is I'm sure it can wait. If your phone rings pull over to the side of the road and answer it then. 

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